About Orpheus

Our Mission.

To broaden the greater community’s understanding of Pagan beliefs and influences through innovative choral experiences.

Our History.

Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir (OPCC) was founded in 2009 as an alternative to traditional Judeo-Christian choirs, and to celebrate the many earth-based spiritual traditions through song.. Beginning with 15 members, the choir’s first performance was at the 2010 Beltania Festival in Florence, CO. Its first official season featured three concerts: a sold-out 12th Night: A Yule Concert and Viking Feast, a second Beltania performance, and a spring concert in Denver, CO.

Between 2010 and 2013, OPCC’s audience grew by over 300%. OPCC expanded its concert seasons with a Rite of Remembrance (2015) and a Family Concert (2017). Additional concerts in 2018-2019 included an appearance at the Denver Public Library and a performance on the Westside Live Presents concert series in Golden, CO.

Orpheus consists of both professional musicians and those who sing just for the love of the music.

Our Members.

Cyrissa Anderson
Heather Austin
Sam Bargeron
Brian Bickham
Sara Blackwelder
Alex Breed
David Carpenter
Richard Cornelius
Sara Cummings

Andrea Davis
Emma Day

Gretchen Ela
Sonia Ellison
Christopher Ellmann
Maria Forlenza
Laura Grant
EC Jarecke
Amethyst Kellogg

Michelle Kellogg
Matthew Kellogg
Bonita Lahey
Elle Laikind

Barbara Ludwig
Catherine Mock
Justin Nickerson
Angela ‘Chip!’ Onduto
Kimber Scott

Lisa Steinman
Gary Suto
Rory Taylor
Ashley Troester
Doug Warburton
Marti Wederer
Cameron Yanoscik

* Denotes Section Leader

Past Performances.