We Rise Again: A Fall Concert

Like the phoenix of old, Orpheus rises out of the pandemic, honoring Deity, the Earth, the Elements, and those we’ve lost to COVID-19. Experience the unique, passionate sounds of Orpheus!

We Rise Again

Power of Star and Stone Joseph Nemeth

Spell of the Elements Abbie Betinis

Dithyrambe Franz Schubert
Witness, ye heavens John Munro
Lord of the Dance Trad., arr. A. Adams
The Nurse’s Song Trad. Latvian, arr. A. Adams
Surely All the Gods A. Adams

Cantate des Éléments Sylvain Freyermuth

The Song of Amergin A. Adams


To the Unknown Light Francisco F. Feliciano

There are Stars Klepper & Freelander, arr. A. Adams
Wanting Memories Ysaye Barnwell
Music in my Mother’s House Stuart Stotts, arr. J. David Moore

I Celebrate Myself Michael John Trotta

One Household High and Low Andrew Maxfield
Riders on the Earth Lana Mountford
Light is Returning Charlie Murphy, arr. A. Adams
What a Wonderful World G. Weiss & B. Thiele
Deep Peace Bill Douglass

We Rise Again Leon Dubinsky, arr. Stephen Smith

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May 9 EarthSong Full Concert