Our Spring Concerts: EarthSongs

With climate change creating a world crisis,
we offer songs and prayers for our beloved Mother Earth,
featuring the acclaimed poetry of environmental activist Wendell Berry.
Friends & Family Concert  CANCELLED due to COVID-19 Precautions
The Full EarthSongs Concert CANCELLED due to COVID-19 Precautions

If you’ve already purchased tickets, we will reach out to you.
Please note that Orpheus is a 501(c)(3) organization and any donation is tax-deductible!


One Household High and Low Andrew Maxfield/Wendell Berry

The Peace of Wild Things Jake Runestad/W. Berry

Great Trees Malcolm Dalglish/W. Berry
The Trees Andrew Adams
Tree of Life Mack Wilberg

Eli, Eli arr. A. Adams
Riders on the Earth Lana Mountford
i thank you Lloyd Pfautsch
Stars Over Snow Timothy Tharaldson
More than Enough Susan LaBarr/W. Berry

Cantate des Éléments Sylvain Freyermuth

Look Out Joan Szymko/W. Berry
Earth Song Frank Ticheli
There will come soft rains A. Adams

Himenami Dan Forrest

Come Along Cosmo Sheldrake
Carol of the Bees John Merrick
The Solar Waltz C. Sheldrake

What a Wonderful World G. Weiss & B. Thiele

We Won’t Wait Gwyddion Pendderwen


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May 9 EarthSong Full Concert