Giving and Helping

Giving to Orpheus!


Our mission is to build community by sharing the power, beauty and inspiration of choral music while exploring the Pagan presence in the entire choral repertoire.

Over the past 9 years, Orpheus has grown in numbers, audience, expertise, and recognition. Along the way we’ve won fans and respect, enabling us to expand our seasons to include a Friends and Family Concert and our rematkable Rite of Remembrance. 12th Night continues to be  memorable holiday gift to the community.

While we do sell tickets and have modest support from the SCFD and others, Orheus needs your support.

Won’t you consider a gift of just $25 for Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir? Your gift is tax-deductible!

Orpheus is a 501 c-3 charitable organization.  You can make your donation quickly and easily by just clicking on the “Donate” button.

If you prefer, you can mail a check to us at:
Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir
820 S. Monaco Pkwy, #113
Denver, CO 80224

Thank you so much for your continued support of Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir!

The Mortar & Pestle Guild

$ 1 – 49
  • Sarah Burns
  • Your Name Could Be Here

The Grove of Orpheus

$ 50 – 99
  • Your Name Could Be Here

The Ring of Muses

$ 100–249
  • Anonymous
  • Catherine Mock
  • Katherine Standifer
  • Doug Warburton
  • Michelle Kellogg
  • Your Name Could Be Here

The Circle of Oracles

$ 250–499
  • Maeve Wilde
  • Your Name Could Be Here

The Mighty Olympians

$ 500+
  • Christopher N. Merrell
  • Don Herman
  • Barbara Ludwig
  • Your Name Could Be Here

Volunteer for Orpheus

We may be small but we dream big!

You can help make those dreams happen by being a volunteer. Every concert offers opportunities for ushers, ticket reservations, and reception hosts.

We need a concert production team and folks to represent us at a myriad of community events.

And, we especially need folks savvy with marketing, fundraising & grant-writing, and other essential business functions.